envelope is a proxy for high end manufacturers of building envelope products and associated systems

anchored in boston we serve the northeastern united states by connecting architects, project engineers, developers, owners, general contractors, construction managers and installers directly with the fabricators and system engineers of world class ventilated cladding and pressure equalized rainscreen systems

partnering with the worlds most advanced facade manufacturers we bring you and your team the best available products and support for: terracotta, domestic zinc roofing and wall solutions, honeycomb core metal panel systems, glass rainscreen facades, ACM, ZCM, copper, titanium, stainless steel, weathering steel and other specialty metals including bespoke designed finishes in plate or thinner gauges, with CNC controlled custom perf and fab options - all proven suitable for both exterior cladding solutions or interior walls and ceilings

we can provide raw sheets of material on short notice, or highly complex custom orders complete with shop drawings, calculations, and mockups - whatever is appropriate for your project